Podcast Episode 18: Website Planning Pitfalls to Avoid

In this episode of the Website Success podcast, I’ll delve into the common pitfalls that many beginners encounter during the website planning process. Join me as I discuss the importance of proper planning, setting realistic goals, and allocating enough time for each stage of website creation. We’ll also explore the significance of designing for the target audience rather than solely focusing on personal preferences and why succumbing to perfectionism can hinder progress. Tune in for valuable insights and practical tips to ensure a smoother journey in planning your website. Happy website planning and creating!

Show Notes

  1. Pitfall #1: Failing to Plan (0:50):
    • Planning is the backbone of a successful website.
    • Define your goals, understand your target audience, create a sitemap, and wireframe your ideas.
    • Website planners are available at websitesuccessacademy.com.
  2. Pitfall #2: Setting Unrealistic Goals (2:23):
    • Set achievable goals within your available resources and timeframe.
    • Break goals into bite-sized tasks and tackle them step by step.
    • Explore my podcast episode on creating SMART goals on Website Success Academy.
  3. Pitfall #3: Underestimating the Time Required (3:39):
    • Creating a website takes longer than you think.
    • Allocate enough time for each stage of the process.
    • Include buffer time to avoid rushing through crucial tasks.
  4. Pitfall #4: Creating the Website for Yourself Instead of the Target Audience (4:27):
    • Tailor your design, content, and functionality to meet the needs of your target audience.
    • Understand their pain points, preferences, and expectations.
    • Ensure your website resonates with your target audience.
  5. Pitfall #5: Succumbing to Perfectionism (5:19):
    • Perfectionism can hinder progress.
    • Remember that your website is an evolving entity.
    • Focus on creating something great rather than obsessing over perfection.
    • Avoid the pitfalls of failing to plan, setting unrealistic goals, underestimating the time required, designing for yourself instead of the audience, and succumbing to perfectionism. By following these insights, you’ll plan your website effectively and set yourself up for success.


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