Podcast Episode 19 – Essential Pages Every Website Needs

Get ready to unlock the secret to website success with our latest episode! Join host Chrissy Rey as she reveals the must-have pages that every website needs. From captivating homepages to engaging about pages, discover the essential elements that will take your website from “meh” to magnificent. Don’t miss this game-changing episode of “Website Success”—your roadmap to building a website that wows! Tune in now and create a site that leaves a lasting impression. Let’s get those essential pages up and running!

Show Notes


  • In this episode, host Chrissy Rey dives into the essential pages that every website needs.
  • Learn how to make a lasting impression with captivating homepages, engaging about pages, and more.
  • Get ready to level up your website game and build a site that truly represents your business.

Main Segment: Essential Pages Every Website Needs

  1. Homepage:
    • The first impression visitors get of your website.
    • Make it eye-catching, informative, and reflective of your brand identity.
    • Elements to include: clear headline, brief business introduction, navigation links, captivating visuals, and compelling call-to-action.
  2. About Page:
    • Introduce yourself or your business to your audience.
    • Share your story, mission, and what sets you apart.
    • Make it personal, engaging, and authentic.
    • Consider adding photos or videos to establish a personal connection.
  3. Contact Page:
    • Provide contact information like phone number and physical address.
    • Include a contact form for easy communication.
    • Add links to social media profiles for alternative channels.
  4. Services or Products Page:
    • Showcase what you offer with clear descriptions.
    • Highlight features and benefits.
    • Use high-quality images to captivate visitors.
    • Organize offerings into categories or packages for easy navigation.
  5. Testimonials or Reviews Page:
    • Boost credibility with positive feedback from satisfied customers.
    • Include a mix of testimonials highlighting specific aspects of your offerings.
    • Request permission and consider including names and photos for added authenticity.
  6. Blog Page:
    • Establish yourself as an industry expert.
    • Share valuable content, tips, tutorials, or relevant articles.
    • Organize posts with categories or tags for easy access.
    • Encourage interaction through comments and social sharing buttons.
  7. Legal Pages:
    • Include Privacy Policy and Terms of Service as essential legal pages.
    • Customize based on your website’s needs, such as adding a Disclaimer or Cookie Policy.
    • Consult legal professionals or use services like Termageddon for accurate and up-to-date legal pages.


  • Recap of the essential pages discussed: Homepage, About, Contact, Services or Products, Testimonials or Reviews, Blog, and Legal pages.
  • Customize and add pages that align with your unique business needs.
  • Take action and start building their website’s essential pages.
  • Stay tuned for more episodes of “Website Success” where we’ll dive deeper into website creation and success strategies.


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