Would you like to create a website that you love?

Better yet... what if you could do it in only one day, without having to learn how to code or piece all of the technology together?

Does this sound like you?

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You are not alone!

Imagine what would happen if you could build a website you love in just one day!
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Introducing: Build Your Website in One Day!

Join me for a 6-hour live online workshop. I will walk you through the exact steps you need to take to build a website you will love. Your website will have everything you need to reach your customers.

What's Included?

$300 value

After you set up your hosting account, I will install WordPress and set up the basic website so you don't have to worry about those technical details. Plus my team will "flip the switch" to point your domain name at your website when you are ready to go live.

$450 value

We will spend 6 hours going through every step required to customize your website. You will learn how to add and manage all of your content, including your homepage, contact page, two "inner" pages, and blog posts. Plus you will have lifetime access to the recording from your live build day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! I’m going to do some of the technical work for you before you get started, but you will actually build your website during class. There is some prep work required before build day. Most students then take a few weeks to fine-tune their websites after the live build day.

Yes! This is not a replay. I will join you live online to walk you through building your website. If you would rather DIY and not attend the live training, we also have our Super Simple Starter Site solution.

You will need to purchase your own domain name and web hosting, but we will give you instructions for how to do both. You will also need to provide your own branding (logo, colors, fonts) and content. If you want to add a Privacy Policy and Terms of Use Page to your website (recommended) the service we prefer is $99/year. If you want us to continue provide website maintenance for your website, that is $129/month. And if you want more time with your GYBO Academy membership, the cost is $47 after the first month. 

You will need your domain name, branding (logo, colors, fonts, etc…), content, and web hosting. I’ll provide detailed instructions for each of these in the classroom you’ll be able to access after you register. After you get access, you will also need to select a template for your website at least 48 hours before class begins.

I will be doing some of the work for you, so you don’t get bogged down by technical details, and I need some time to do that.

Sure! You can check out the Small Business Website Packages that Pongos Interactive offers. Pongos is my web dev company, and we have been making websites for small business clients since 2008.

What will my website look like?

We have several templates to choose from, with more to come. You will submit your template selection after you get access to the course, so you don’t need to choose right now. Please note that if you change your mind after we install your selection, it will cost $47 to change it to a different template, and the change will overwrite the entire website.

See what previous students have to say.

"Chrissy Rey is an absolute gem of a resource, not to mention a talented educator, in the field of website development and maintenance. I'm so grateful to her and Get Your Business Online Academy for offering the Build Your Website in a Day online course. Thanks to Chrissy's patience, extensive expertise, and skilled instruction, I went from having zero knowledge of web site development to having the bones of a complete website for my new business in one day's time! Chrissy walked participants through a comprehensive process that there is no way I could have figured out on my own. Taking this class was a cost effective way to get my website up and running, and it also clued me in to many of the future steps I will need to take in order to keep my website working effectively for my business. Further, participating in this class granted me entry into the GYBO Academy private Facebook group, where I have already benefited from the supplemental resources Chrissy has made available. Start to finish, this class was a total home run for me and for my up and coming business!"
Sam Straub
Teen Savvy Coaching
"The GYBO Build Your Website in One Day Course is the BEST. I highly recommend it. I am a small business owner and really wanted to understand how to build my site and get it up quickly. Chrissy is an amazing and knowledgeable teacher who clearly and easily guided me through the steps to build my company website. And, you get so much for the price - from the pre-work guides to the actual class, and support post-launch. I've wanted to relaunch my site for months, and I'm so grateful I did it with the help of GYBO. Thank you!"
Julye Williams
The 2043 Institute
"As a non-techno business owner, building my own website would have been impossible without the help and guidance of Chrissy Rey at Pongos Interactive, and GYBO Academy’s Build Your Own Website online course. The course covered a lot in one day, but the video recording allowed me to revisit whatever I needed to, and Chrissy’s on-going support was invaluable. I would highly recommend using these resources and doing it yourself, to get the website that you want, and the satisfaction of knowing that it’s all yours."
L. Elizabeth Wescott
Chesapeake Cottages

Who am I and why did I create this course?

I’m Chrissy Rey. As a web developer with over 25 years of experience, I have helped thousands of entrepreneurs get their businesses online. In addition to building websites, I have spent most of my career teaching other people how to make their own.

When it comes to getting your business online, you usually have two choices:

  1. Hire someone to do it for you.
  2. Figure out how to do it yourself.
Many small business owners simply don’t have the budget to hire someone to do everything for them. That’s why I created this course. It’s a hybrid of those two choices to give you a great-looking website without the big budget. If you’re willing to do the work, I will walk you through every step you need to take.

Chrissy Rey

Chrissy Rey

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