Your WordPress website is online. Now what?

Launching your website is only the beginning. After your site goes live, you need to regularly maintain it. Learn how to create a maintenance plan for your website with the WordPress Maintenance Toolbox.

If you aren’t maintaining your WordPress website, it’s not a matter of “if” it will get hacked, but “when” it will get hacked.

Introducing the...
WordPress Maintenance Toolbox

A system designed to teach you how to maintain your WordPress website like a pro.

WordPress is a frequent target of hackers. This course will show you how to maintain your software, which will help keep your website secure.

Updating a WordPress website can be complicated. You will learn, and document, the exact steps you need to take to update your website.

Sometimes WordPress updates can break websites. Create a backup so you can restore your website... just in case. I will show you how to do this.

Most updates will be trouble-free, but what can you do if something happens? I will show you my troubleshooting process, which you can use to solve any update issues.

Who am I and why did I create this system?

I'm Chrissy Rey, and I have helped thousands of business owners launch their WordPress websites. While I stress the importance of maintenance after launch, some business owners can't seem to find the time, and don't maintain their websites. Don't fall into that trap.

If you don't maintain your website, it's probably going to get hacked. That puts your business and customers at risk.

I created this course to demystify the WordPress maintenance process. The WordPress Maintenance Toolbox will help you create a Website Maintenance Plan that works.

Chrissy Rey

Chrissy Rey
Here's what you'll get with the
WordPress Maintenance Toolbox
Get the WordPress Maintenance Toolbox

You have two options available! Choose the one that works best for your budget and schedule.

WordPress maintenance toolbox

You will get lifetime access to the WordPress Maintenance Toolbox for a one-time payment. If all you need to do is learn how to update your WordPress website, this is a great option.

$99 one-time payment

gybo academy membership

Want to learn more? Sign up for a GYBO Academy membership! The WordPress Maintenance Toolbox is included, along with many other amazing features.

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